JSW Steel Limited – Toranagallu, Bellary – Karnataka, India

Name of Work :

Erection and Commissioning of Coke Oven #3 By Product Plant, Toranagallu, Bellary, Karnataka.

MC No. :


Client :

JSW Steel Limited

W.O. Ref No. :

JSW/VJNR/C/W/70003/866 dated 16.02.2007

Scope of Work :

Scope of Work
Fabrication and erection of Mechanical equipments
Rotary Eqpt 190 MT
Stationary Eqpt 1320 MT
Semi Fabricated Eqpt 2330 MT
Structures 500 MT
Total 4340 MT
Condensate & Exhauster Unit 1650 MT
Desulphurization & Sulphur recovery 905 MT
Ammonia Scrubbing and distillation 450 MT
Ammonia Decomposition 350 MT
Water supply and Circulating 110 MT
Bio chemical treatment plant 275 MT
Refrigeration station 100 MT
Building and technological structures 500 MT
Total 4340 MT

» Fabrication and Erection of Big Diameter pipes (M.S. up to 2500 mm Dia & SS up to 950mm Dia).
» Fabrication
of MS pipe fittings and specials like Miter bends, Reducers, Bell
mouth, Strainer, Water connecting Trough for pipes DN500 and above etc.
» Supply and Application of Wrapping and Coating pipe-protection tapes for all underground buried M.S. Pipes.
» Piping work of Water, Gas and Chemical Supply facilities.
» Trench cutting, back filling in case of underground pipes and construction of valve pits, manhole, support pedestals etc…
» Testing and commissioning of the integrated system.